Bird Paradise

Neusiedler See is a lake on the border between Austria and Hungary, not far from our capital city. It became a national park in 1991 (Hungary) and 1993 (Austria). In 2001, this area became part of UNESCO World Heritage. The lake itself covers an area of more than 320 km², but at deepest point it barely reaches 2 metres. Not many people know that Neuseidler See is a saline lake – a memory of sea Tethys from a distant past.

Thanks to very strict protection, birds here are accustomed to human presence, which means, that they are not as shy and elusive as in places where human activity bothers them. For this reason, and with the help of many observation stations and hides, Neuseidler See is one of the best places to do bird watching anywhere in Central Europe.

Duration: 8 hrs.

Place: Neusiedler See (Austria)

Price: 10 € / 1 student (minimum price 200 €)

Trip preview: birdwatching in the lake area, visiting information centre, listening and playing back calls of various bird species, practical tips and tricks, observing nature using mono and binoculars

Difficulty: easy, flat land terrain

Meeting place: according to further agreement

Recommended time: March – September

Suitable for: elementary and high school pupils, as well as university students; we do not recommend to combine various age groups

Price includes: lecturer service, mono and binoculars, bird books, local transportation for lecturer (in Bratislava)

Price does NOT include: transportation of students, food

If required, we may provide transportation according to further agreement. Please, see the pricelist.

In case of bad weather, the outdoor course will be postponed until next suitable date according to further agreement.

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