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About joys and sorrows of the mature people.

RTVS, 2.12.2017

Birdwatching in Bratislava, 19.6.2017

Bear safari: Birdcatcher from Bratislava is uncovering different look on High Tatras for his customers, 8.10.2016

Bears attract tourists, they go watch them, 11.9.2016

Bears attract to High Tatras more and more tourists. They go watch them, 7.9.2016

Bears in High Tatras attract tourists, they go watch them, 7.9.2016

Birds as big as garage door fly over the Záhorie., 1.9.2016

Interview: Nature accompanied by experts – about observation of birds and other animals in Slovakia and also in the World, 18.7.2016

Bear watching and birdwatching in Slovakia, 3.8.2015

Discovering tender wilderness with unconventional travel agency, 15.7.2015

The observing of White-tailed Eagles on the Danube, 12.1.2014

Bratislavské noviny, 12.1.2014, 12.1.2014, 12.1.2014, 12.1.2014, 13.1.2014

Opening of the birdwatching hide

Bratislavské noviny, 10.10.2013, 11.10.2013

Watching Bee-eaters and – a parrot

Slovak Spectator, 2.7.2013

The Earth Day at Partizánska lúka

TV Bratislava, 22.4.2013 (short info on our excursion in 1:14)

Birds in the city

Slovak Radio, 21.4.2013 (the interview starts 43:30)

Short courses on bird calls

Rádio Regina, 22.4.2013, 13.4.2013

Bird walks and birdwatching

The observing of White-tailed Eagles on the Danube, 26.1.2013, 25.1.2013

Bratislavské noviny, 24.1.2013

TV Bratislava, 24.1.2013

TV Bratislava, 16.1.2013, 7.1.2013

Gathering of thousands of Rooks and Jackdaws before their nightroost, 3.1. 2013

Short courses on bird calls

Enviroportal, 16. 4. 2012

Birdwatching in Slovakia

article in Slovak Spectator, No. 1/2012, pg. 4 and 12

Toby Hill: Birdwatching Slovak style

Trip to NP Hortobágy

article in magazine Naše poľovníctvo No. 1/2012, pg. 19

Jarmila Kainzová: Žeriavy na oblohe

article in magazine Týždeň 43/2011, pg. 38 – 43

Andrej Bán: Maďarská divočina

Andrej Bán: fotographs at

Short courses on bird calls

TASR 20.5.2011

magazine ST.CITY, 20.5.2011