Trips around Bratislava

Animal watching

Come with us and observe mouflons, red and fallow deers, beavers and birds in their natural habitat. Choose bird or animal species of your wish and we will help you to see it.

Raptors of floodplain

Take a walk through a landscape of former Iron Curtain, the land of alluvial forests, wet meadows and oxbow lakes. This place is one of the best to see most of Slovak raptor species, for example Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon.

Nature of Danube river

Europaen giant, whose amazing alluvial forests, oxbow lakes and breathtaking meadows teem with rare plant and bird species. That‘s why this place is the biggest Central-Europaean wintering area for many aquatic birds.

Botanical heaven

Choose this unique place full of forests, meadows and even remains of tertiary sea cliff with many fossils. Area is known to be home of more than 1100 plant species, among them 26 rare orchids shelters ancient sandstone cliffs in which flying jewels like Bee-eaters find their nesting ground.

Little Carpathians and Driny cave

The edge of Carpathians offers old forests and vineyards. That’s the combination we show you on this specific trip. Or you may visit a unique cave in the heart of Little Carpathians along with abandoned castles and parks.

Prime forests

Come and see our amazing prime forests. You can choose an alder moor in internationally important wetland forest area Jurský Šúr, aluvial prime forests near Morava river or oak and beech prime forests in the heart of Little Carpathians.

Hercules of the skies

Want to see one of the heaviest of all flying birds? Because that‘s what Great bustard really is! Depending on time of the year, you may observe great wintering flocks many hundreds strong, nesting areas or witness breathtaking lek of Great bustard, a true king of open grasslands.

Bird paradise

Neusiedler See is one of the most important sites for birds in Central Europe. Vast reed belt along lake, meadows, pastures, saline lakes and small sandy habitats provide perfect conditions for many kinds of birds.