Wildlife watching


Observation of these unusual and glorious forest creatures in pleasant surroundings of Small Carpathians.

Red Deer rut

Trip with touch of adrenaline: sleeping in hay-loft in the middle of moonlight-drenched forest during unforgettable Red Deer rut.

Fallow Deers

Choose either spring observation of Fallow Deers with their young or amazing autumnal show during Fallow Deer rut.

Brown Bears

Are you interested in observation of uncrowned king of the Slovak nature? Do not miss the opportunity to observe Brown Bears in their natural habitat.


For successful observation of these Tatra’s endemic subspecies, it is necessary to produce some effort, but it’s absolutely worth it! Although nothing beats the experience of Chamois rut which happens only in October.


This endemit does not leave anyone in doubt about the difficulty of terrain, one must pass, in order to reach his domain.


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Howling Wolves

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European Bisons

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Animal tracking

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