Offer for schools offers pupils and students of kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, as well as high school and university students a range of very interesting educational activities in nature surrounding Bratislava city, Trenčín, Martin, Poprad or Prešov.

Do you want to know something from the kingdom of birds? How do different bird species sing? Which species stay with us in winter and why, when other birds migrate south to warmer countries? Which bird species regularly visit feeders and what kind of food is the most suitable one for them?

Are you interested in (not only) flowering plants? Did you know, that around Bratislava, you may find unique and extraordinary plants which deserve not only our attention but also protection? Do you know how to behave in nature?

Besides lectures, courses and short walks in nature, we also offer ½ and 1-day trips, aimed specifically at nature watching.

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