Photo course with Tomáš Hulík: Flowers and insects of Devínska Kobyla

One day photo course focused on flowers and insects at Devínska Kobyla National Nature Reserve in Bratislava.

Tour date in 2015:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This photo course will teach you how to capture moving insects, how to use specific lightning devices and reflection panels, when taking pictures of plants. You will try to do macro photography and at the same time will learn how to set photographed objects into composition when capturing landscapes. Devínska Kobyla is an ideal locality for learning how to capture good images under not favourable light conditions, such as direct or harsh sunlight. This course is NOT suitable for beginners. In case you are interested in basic photo course in nature, do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Locality: Devínska Kobyla National Nature Reserve was established to protect xerothermal (xerophilic and thermophilic) biotope, abundant with rare plant species, as well as xerotermal species of invertebrates. During our photo course one can find Slovakia’s rare orchids, such as green-winged orchid (Orchis morio), military orchid (Orchis militaris), burnt-tip orchid (Orchis ustulata) and maybe even rarer species of bee orchids (Ophrys sp.).  Insect species, also abundant in this locality, are represented by blister beetles (Meloë sp.), carabid beetles (Carabidae) and, of course, butterflies. Well lit places are dominated by brightly coloured green lizards (Lacerta viridis) or sand lizards (Lacerta agilis). Meeting with slow-worm (Anguis fragilis) is also very common.


Morning hours are dedicated to teaching and photographing under a professional eye of Mr. Tomas Hulik. During this time, participants visit various suitable localities with occurrence of flowering plants and insects. Time between 1PM – 2:30PM is dedicated to lunch break. There is another photo session on the slopes of Devinska Kobyla after lunch. Late afternoon hours (at approx. 7PM) are dedicated to evaluation of pictures photographed earlier that day (participants bring a selection of their best pictures on flash disc or SD card). Evening meeting ends at approx. 9:30PM.

Recommended photo gear: D-SLR camera (not necessary) with fully charged battery and empty memory card. Lens with focal length between 17 and 150 mm, other suitable lenses and filters according to need, tripod and external flash (alternatively).

In case of need, our company is able to provide participants with camera, lens, filter etc., for a small fee.

Level: average level (understanding of basic terms such as exposition time, aperture, depth of field, etc.)

Number of participants: minimum 4, maximum 10

Price per person: 95,-€

Price includes: instructions by Tomas Hulik and his assistance, discussion and evaluation of pictures, lunch, corporate insolvency insurance and gear for downloading photographed pictures.

Price does NOT include: photo equipment rental, food during evening sitting, transfer, individual travel insurance (health, injury insurance, damage responsibility and baggage insurance, etc.)

The deadline for registration and payment is extended till April 6, 2015.

Application form:

Photo course Flowers and insects of Devínska Kobyla

Please send the application forms to, in case of any questions, you may call us: +421 948 495 111.

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