Advent calendar 2017 – competition

During this year’s advent (December 01. – 24., 2017) we have one bird photoriddle for you for each and every day. Click the image and the calendar will be displayed in all its beauty. Then just click on the day number you want to guess. If you have no clue, we will provide you with a hint the very next day. If you want to try the original version of the pictures without help, click here.

Finally, we decided you will have 1 week for every picture to answer correctly. The answer must be submitted during respective, or the following day. Respective correct answer will have been posted until 12 hours after the deadline directly in the calendar. Participant with highest number of correct answers will win the main prize. All correct answers will be put into the lottery for further prizes. Winners will be anounced on Jan. 8th, 2018.

Your answers send via e-mail to our mailbox Subject of the e-mail must be “Advent calendar” with advent calendar picture number (for ex. “Advent calendar 24″). Text of the e-mail must contain FULL species name (Slovak, English or scientific).

Main prize:
1x Great bustard trip for 1 person scheduled for April 14th, 2018 – winner: Katarína K.

Further prizes:
1x 20% discount on any of 1-day trips or 10% discount on multi-day trips in 2018 – winner: Eva M.
1x individual course on bird calls (1.5 hrs) for maximum of 5 people (date according to mutual agreement) – winner: Petra S.
2x pluss songbird (that actually sings) – winners: Braňo B., Ivana P.
3x bird badge – winners: Ivana P., Ľudmila M., Petra S.
5x bird earrings – winners: Adam K., Ivan G., Júlia H., Martina M., Štefan B.

By participating on competition, participants agree to terms and conditions.